Energy Management

Energy Management    

R.G.B.S  Certified Energy Managers can perform the following services:

A.S.H.R.A.E. Level I Energy Audit

An ASHRAE Level I audit focuses on low-cost and /or no-cost energy conservation measures, and provides a list of higher cost energy conservation measures. In addition to a visual walk through, interviews with tenants/staff  and a review of the utility bills, in the ASHRAE Level 1 audit we report how much in energy and energy costs can be saved from each energy conservation opportunity. We perform an energy balance analysis, which breaks out energy usage into different end uses, and make recommendations to reduce use.

A.S.H.R.A.E. Level II Energy Audit

 ASHRAE Level II audits will identify all appropriate energy conservation measures for a facility, and a financial analysis will be performed based on implementation costs, operating costs, and attainable savings. For each energy conservation measure recommended, the final report will indicate the amount of energy saved, (electricity or gas),  the cost to implement the measure, and the amount of time it will take for the measure to pay for itself. (R.O.I. , Return On Investment)


Lighting Survey (Audit)

As part of or separate from an energy audit, Lighting Retrofits are “low hanging fruit”, as in, usually an easy, low cost method to reduce energy consumption, with a short R.O.I. (usually less than 2 years with available incentives)

 An inventory is created by verifying fixtures and lamp types. Achieved  by a walk-through and/or in conjunction with a review of existing lighting plans.

Information is gathered as to the usage, occupancy, tendencies ( i.e.: lights on 24/7, switched, on timers or motion sensors)

Recommendations made in final report which will indicate potential energy savings, available incentives and R.O.I.