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  • Vancouver to be the “Greenest” City?

    Vancouver – BuiltSpace Technologies Corporation, a BC-based company that uses social engagement and mobile technologies to improve the sustainability of buildings, has just launched their highly anticipated building community management system. BuiltSpace is well positioned to help Vancouver become the world’s greenest city, and with benefits stacked in favour of tenants and management, the company is sure to become one of the next sustainability leaders. Buildings consume energy because occupants use energy. BuiltSpace’s web-based information management system enables tenants, staff, operators, service suppliers and building management to collaboratively improve the environment in and around their building. With mobile technology, QR codes and integrated graphs and widgets, this approach has the potential to reap tremendous benefits for both building management and tenants. The advantages include energy and cost savings, (click on the link to read more..)

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  • Where is the CONSERVE in Harper’s Conservatives?

    Prime Minister Harper’s 1960′s piano tunes may be timeless, but his single-minded approach to developing new energy supply is long out of fashion. Attitudes have changed, and Canadian leaders need to keep up.   Great article by Jeff Murdoch

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  • ENERGY STAR® for heating your home | Office of Energy Efficiency

    ENERGY STAR® for heating your home | Office of Energy Efficiency.

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  • Exterior Insulated Finishing Systems

    Over Cladding with EIFS One way to help convert your existing home into a “green/eco” friendly home is through over cladding with EIFS.  An Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) is a “wall covering that insulates and provides weather protection which can be installed on any type of construction.” (Source: website).  EIFS imitates the appearance of a stucco finish and consist of three layers; a polystyrene foam material insulation board, a base coat which is reinforced with fibre mesh on top of the insulation and a finish coat. (Source: Home Inspection Service of Southwest Florida).Originating from Germany after World War II, EIFS cladding found its way over to North America in the 1960s(Source: Stuff Works website). Just like Insulated Concrete Form (ICF), the initial cost is greater compared to traditional cladding. However, there are a number of “green/eco” benefits which make EIFS cladding very attractive such as: Energy ...

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  • Grey Water Recycling

    Grey Water Recycling It’s a given; the household water we use goes down the drain and then into the nearby sewage system. However, have you ever thought about how this water could be reused?  With approximately 1 every 8 people lacking access to a safe water supply (Source:, the thought of reusing water isn’t such a bad idea. This process is known as grey water recycling.   Grey water is ``clean waste water which can be reused or recycled with little or no treatment for landscape irrigation and other non- potable uses`` (Source: Business grey water recycling  ``is the waste water leftover after performing daily household activities and finding a use for that water instead of letting the water enter the sewage system.`(Source: environmental Examples would be the water used during a ...

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