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  • Merry Christmas!!!

    Wishing all a safe and Happy Holiday Season!  Merry Christmas! Let us all remember how fortunate we are to have arrived at this point again, safe and sound.  Our thoughts go out to those who are no longer with us, and those left behind after tragedies such as the one in Newtown CT. Best Wishes   Rick

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  • Happy Anniversary Rascom GreenBuild Services!

    It's been one whole year since we opened our doors at Rascom GreenBuild Services!  As a small start up looking to capitalize on existing relationships but knowing we had an uphill climb to establish our brand and our credibility, we've had a roller coaster of a year as one might expect, but we are ending it on a high note having created new relationships, delivered on all projects, and we look forward to growing our business in 2013.   A great big THANK YOU goes out to those who gave us the opportunity to work together. Some of our projects can be found here:   If you are a property manager and you don't know who to call, call us. We are experienced working with multi unit residential and commercial properties and our services range ...

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  • Toll Roads

    The big news (at least on 680 A.M. radio) this morning is talk of how to fund new public transit infrastructure. Most of the talk is focused on a "tax" of some sort, a sore spot with Canadians who already feel that we are overtaxed beyond belief.   Here are the "Top 10" methods being considered by City of Toronto staff to raise the funds necessary ( an estimated $ 2 Billion per year over the next 25 years) 1. Increase in Personal Income Tax (C.O.T. residents) 2. Additional Sales Tax 3. Payroll Tax 4. Highway Tolls 5. Fuel Tax 6. Vehicle Registration Tax 7. Property Tax 8. Parking Levy 9.  Land Transfer Tax 10. Increased Development Fees Many, if not all, will hit the regions residents hard depending on how and where they live and commute at present. While not all options would be implemented (we hope), most end up being an ...

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