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  • Electricity Free Lighting

    Check out this neat idea:   Water and bleach in a bottle fitted to a roof, refracts and reflects light to the interior of a building.  half of the bottle is outside and half inside, refracting light equivalent of a 60 Watt bulb without the need of a power source.  A drop of bleach in the water keeps it clear and germ free.     Go here to read more:

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  • Green Roofs May Boost Efficiency of Solar Panels

    Green Roofs May Boost Efficiency Of Solar Panels It’s no surprise that having both a green roof and a solar panel array on a building is a great way to double down on reducing energy bills for property owners. Two recent studies, however, raised some eyebrows by indicating that the plants on a green roof may actually improve the performance of the photovoltaic solar cells themselves. Read the entire article at Earth Techling.

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  • Ontario Power Authority Releases 2011 Conservation results

    Well folks, let's see how good Ontario did turning off the lights in 2011! 2011 Conservation Results Report Thu, 12/20/2012 The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) is pleased to provide the 2011 Conservation Results Report.  2011 Conservation Results Report This report provides insight into 2011 conservation programs and information on new innovative projects and technologies supported through the Conservation Fund. From 2006 to 2011, conservation programs have seen an investment of $2 billion and have saved customers $4 billion in avoided costs. Overall, 2011 conservation programs in read more

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