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  • Grey Water Recycling

    Grey Water Recycling It’s a given; the household water we use goes down the drain and then into the nearby sewage system. However, have you ever thought about how this water could be reused?  With approximately 1 every 8 people lacking access to a safe water supply (Source:, the thought of reusing water isn’t such a bad idea. This process is known as grey water recycling.   Grey water is ``clean waste water which can be reused or recycled with little or no treatment for landscape irrigation and other non- potable uses`` (Source: Business grey water recycling  ``is the waste water leftover after performing daily household activities and finding a use for that water instead of letting the water enter the sewage system.`(Source: environmental Examples would be the water used during a ...

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  • Energy Audits

    Want to Save Money? Get an Energy Audit Assessment!     With the price on goods and services in our economy on the rise, we’re always looking for ways we could save more money. One possible solution is to get an energy audit done. Having an energy audit completed not only helps in understanding how energy is used but where energy is being lost, plus you will be able to take advantage of the many incentives offered by the Federal and Provincial governments**. All this sounds great but what is an energy audit assessment? An energy audit assessment “identifies all energy consumption sources in a property, the rate at which each source uses energy and the number of hours each source uses energy within a 24 hour time period.” (Source: There are a number of different types of energy audits. Each of one ...

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